Friday 24 July 2009

A Sporting Chance in Retail?

Suppose Tesco had significant shareholdings in JS, Asda and Morrisons, supplied Morrisons and other retailers, owned Pepsi and Coca Cola, and if the chairman of Tesco had loaned the chairman of Morrisons £1.5m?

Now flip over to the Sporting Goods category…
SportsDirect, the lead player in the sector, has
- 29% of Blacks Leisure
- 13% of JD Sports Fashion
- 4.76% of JJB Sports (recently sold?)
SportsDirect supplies JJB and other retailers
They also own Dunlop and Slazenger brands (Dunlop-Slazenger Ltd)

Finally, the chairman of Sports Direct is at odds with JJB re the timing of a loan of £1.5m he made to the current chairman of JJB.

Watch this space…!!

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