Friday 27 November 2009

A pro-active use for empty prime retail space?

EA Sports Active, a Wii Sports type game with a variation on high impact work-outs, can be a win-win way of repopulating empty prime retail space. EA Sports Active launched in the spring and has sold over a million units in North America. An add-on (More Workouts) was launched last week.

EA Sports Active have opened stores in San Francisco and Boston where people can book a session with an "ambassador" or just walk in and have a play. Their breakthrough initiative is based on the idea that encouraging people to try the product via 'workout' would capitalise on their research showing that 80% of their consumers were recommending EA Sports Active to their friends. They knew that they had a good product but their challenge was getting the word further out there and really differentiating it from the other products. They point out that the stores are "like living billboards" in some of the world's most desirable shopping locations…..

Apart from extending the marketing reach of suppliers in appropriate categories, this idea could reach beyond the weekend and provide a 24/7 proactive shop-window for your brand.

Have a thoughtful work-out weekend from the Namnews Team!

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