Monday 22 February 2010

Customer Magazines - the ultimate consumer-shopper-brand connection?

Latest ABC circulation data reveal that the 4 major multiples now account for a combined circulation of 6.5m copies
July-Dec 09
- Tesco Magazine 2,055,391 +1.9% YoY.
- Asda Magazine 1,859,697 - 36.4% YoY.
- Sainsburys Magazine 1,499,244 + 0.4% YoY.
- Morrisons Magazine 974,431 YoY N/A.

Take their total focus upon their shopper needs and appropriate meal-solutions, add a little aspiration, stir in a some 'Clubcard insight', a modicum of supplier brand investment, and make the a la carte menu available where the shopper buys, for unforgettable anticipation and prolonging of the instore shopping experience….
Alternatively, why not try the traditional 'table d'hote' approach of third party media….?

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