Tuesday 8 June 2010

Independent retailer grows veg on Budgens roof

North London independent retailer Andrew Thornton has started growing vegetables on the roof of his Budgens store in Crouch End.
'Food from the Sky' is the brainchild of Thornton and Azul Thome of the Positive Earth Project, and makes Budgens the first supermarket in the world to grow food on its roof.

He said: "We need to grow more food in cities; with millions of square metres of suitable growing space on the roofs of London, we want to inspire others to follow suit."
As one of the key reasons for the project is to inspire and educate people on growing their own food, Thome will be running workshops on the Budgens roof garden in the near future.

This obviously raises raises the question of why confine this initiative to spare space outside the store, when it can be a way for multiples to bring the shopper even closer to the product via natural instore theatre?

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