Monday 11 October 2010

Fair-share negotiation Asda-style?

According to yesterday's Independent on Sunday an allegedly leaked memo to Asda Buyers apparently gives details of a variety of tactics recommended as ways of getting better terms from suppliers.

These include all the usual tricks and if they are a surprise, perhaps we need to talk….

However, the article lists details of how suppliers can be split into four groups, depending on their reaction to negotiations claims the document – they are "high performing, complacent, conflict and apathy." and these may provide ways of encouraging Asda to move closer to fair-share negotiation. (See free Youtube session)

Essentially, if you want to negotiate more equitably with Asda, you need to be able to calculate and demonstrate that your contribution to Asda profitability deserves classification as one of their 'high performing' suppliers. Otherwise settle for 'transaction' status…

Or let me know a number and convenient time to call

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