Wednesday 24 August 2011

Jerry Leiber, hound-dog pragmatist, 1932-2011

Songwriter Leiber was extremely irritated by the changes that Presley made to the original lyrics of Hound Dog. He said in 2009. "The song is not about a dog; it's about a man, a freeloading gigolo. Elvis' version makes no sense to me, and, even more irritatingly, it is not the song that Mike Stoller and I wrote. Of course, the fact that it sold more than seven million copies took the sting out of what seemed to be a capricious change of lyrics."
A pointer for those of us who can feel precious about our routes to market…we may not like the fact that the price-orientated supermarkets may not fully represent our brand nuances, but the sales uplift can provide some consolation… 

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