Thursday 3 November 2011

Why Walmart’s new pharmacy-only shop is a breakthrough…

The Retailnet Group report that Walmart have opened their first standalone pharmacy in Mexico, a 3,000 sq.ft. outlet specialising in pharmacy goods and services.
They already operate their instore pharmacies in Argentina under the Farmacia Walmart brand, so the name is not unknown
Apart from the full range of Health, Beauty and Wellness products, the outlet offers optical, medical consulting services by qualified staff in the store
Why is this so fundamental?
Given their experience of instore pharmacy, this trial outlet represents a step-change for Walmart, and could be scaled up, fast.
Previously pharmacy was an ‘add-on’ to their mass-merchandise outlets, merely an additional service for shoppers.
The new standalone pharmacy represents dedication, Walmart-style…
Think about the possibility of Walmart buying up small independent pharmacies that are feeling the (after?) effects of the global financial crisis, small/medium sized chains, before they check out the big players like Boots, etc
Think about the buying power, prices & terms disparities, influence on global/regional and national government…
There is only one way this is going to go…
More details and instore pics   
Time to dedicate this weekend to rewriting your global and local pharmacy trade strategies?

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