Thursday 8 December 2011

Opportunity or Threat?: Charity re-brands donated counterfeit clothes

Every year customs and trading standards spend a fortune on storing fake clothes while waiting for a court decision, and then once the items have been proved to be fake the authorities have to fork out further for incineration or landfill costs.
His Church charity has removed all such costs and pass on the high quality goods to some 250 homeless centres and women's shelters across the country, a really virtuous circle….
In fact, the industrial sewing machines they now use to patch over pirated labels were recently given to them by UK customs officials, who had seized the machines from criminal gangs who were using them to create counterfeit clothing (see vid)
In just six years, His Church has managed to convince 90% of British Trading Standards authorities to hand over all the fake designer clothes they seize to them.
A Threat for brand owners? Technically a removal of demand in the market, but the target audience is not in the market, and the goods are rebranded…
For the big thinkers, an Opportunity to avoid waste and do some good, below the radar, almost… 
N.B. ...and not just clothing (see van logo in pic above)

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