Thursday 19 January 2012

Walmart launches video-contest for suppliers

Walmart has highlighted the internet’s potential to change the way companies source goods by inviting entrepreneurs to pitch their products in a video contest that will bypass the strict protocols of its buying department.
Called “Get On The Shelf”, the winning product will be sold at the retailer’s US stores and online after an internet vote, like TV shows such as American Idol, in which members of the public will be asked to choose the best pitch uploaded to a Walmart website.
Suppliers in any Walmart categories can create and submit videos of their latest products at (See examples of current submissions here).
The public will then vote online for the top three winners at The three will be sold on and the top winner will also automatically get shelf space in select Wal-Mart stores around the country.
Suppliers (US only) can submit their video pitches until Feb. 22. The first round of voting will happen between March 7 and April 4 to select 10 finalists.
Apart from the possibility of gaining a listing with the world’s biggest retailer, this initiative presents a terrific opportunity for suppliers to cover some of their production costs by gaining access to all the consumers that Walmart attracts to
The real issue is how soon Walmart will decide to adapt the technique to some of their routine sourcing (cost saving for suppliers, cost reduction, every little helps…Get it?)
Also if the initiative 'can make it there, it can make it anywhere' ...(apologies, Frank!)
Time to check out your video-pitching skills and upgrade the Skype connection?

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