Friday 3 February 2012

‘Apples of Love’: Nisa to change how consumers buy potatoes

A new potato innovation will copy milk in using colour coding as a KISS approach to simplifying potato purchasing for both retailers and shoppers.
The product is called ‘The Same Every Time’ and will be launched only through participating Nisa member stores.
According to NISA “The concept comprises three ranges; firm potatoes in a green packet, fluffy potatoes in a pink packet; and creamy potatoes in an orange packet. Being first to market with this exciting new concept that is only available from participating Nisa member stores retailing for £1, the range is not only convenient but also great value for money.” 
For NAMs that become enamoured with this initiative, we have uncovered over 60 uses for potatoes, ranging from nourishment to aphrodisia, along with a book of 101 potato recipes…
Have a colour-coded weekend, from the NamNews Team!

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