Monday 19 March 2012

Co-branded promotion featuring Coca Cola and a Metro Private Brand in Romania

                                                                                                 pic: Brandprivat
Brandprivat, a consultancy in Romania, have reported a promotion that broke this weekend.
This featured a simple mechanic: Buy one box (4 bottles Coca Cola 2Ltr) and get 2 packs of pasta (Spaghetti 200g under Fine Food brand). Fine Food is a mainstream private brand from Metro Cash & Carry (part of the Metro Group, Germany).
The package for Fine Food spaghetti was a ‘limited edition’ as it featured Coca Cola’s logo with a strapline: “meals with Coca Cola are more tasty”…  
Could this be a breakthrough example of collaborative innovation between suppliers and retailers of this scale?
In these unprecedented times, suppliers are seeking to optimise innovation resources on the best possible revenue sources, whilst retailers are seeking both product and instore innovation. Retailers also need to not only innovate in terms of the products they carry, but also on the shopper’s experience.
Suppliers and retailers therefore have a primary goal in common: to please the consumer and grow market share. Collaborative innovation seems to be a ‘no-brainer’..

All that remains is the need to reach some accommodation on the relative importance of store equity and brand equity…

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