Monday 2 April 2012

Google's self-driving car for the high-focus NAM?

For those who need high-intensity preparation and in-depth post-rationalisation of encounters with the buyer, perhaps it is time to consider Google’s computer-controlled car as a must-have upgrade?
In the video, Google's self-driving car takes Steve Mahan, who is legally blind, to a Californian Taco Bell to pick up a snack.
Google released the video to celebrate that it has safely completed 200,000 miles of computer-lead driving.
The video shows Mahan sitting in the driver's seat as the car steers itself, using radar and lasers to make sure the road is clear. The car takes him through the drive-through of Taco Bell, then to the dry cleaners, a logical destination, given the trip’s continuous sudden-shock potential…

According to Google, the passenger in a Google car can take control in three ways: via a brake pedal on the passenger side that can stop the vehicle, via an emergency stop button on the centre console that can be reached by anyone in the vehicle, and by means of the laptop the Google representative is seen holding. In all three cases, the car can be stopped, but not remotely controlled except by the driver's steering wheel, he said. No mention was made of the need to reboot fast if the car ‘crashes’ in the fast lane..
And if all else fails, a final option can be a pit-stop at the dry cleaners…
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