Monday 30 July 2012

Moving away without giving up?

Coping with the Olympics via a pop-up shop has been an escape route to new business for bespoke tailors, Apsley of Pall Mall who have taken over suites at the Edinburgh Caledonian Hilton to attract new customers to the world of bespoke tailoring (makers of a top-end suit at £70k and a more moderate range at £900/suit, clients include  Fulham and West Ham football clubs).

The 120-year-old firm’s fitting rooms are located behind the Olympic beach volleyball security cordons at Horse Guards, and it being no contest, they have sent their four tailors to Scotland.

Running the numbers: At 20 customers /day for August, at £900/suit, realising £360k, less costs, should suit nicely, thank you…and not counting customer lifetime value..

Thanks to Anne Johnstone for the link

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