Friday 11 January 2013

Amazon moves your old CDs into their cloud with AutoRip

Amazon’s new service  means that any AutoRip eligible CD purchased from Amazon since 1998 should automatically land in the user’s Cloud Player, free-of-charge. Starting with 50,000 of the more popular titles, the company anticipates building a library of millions of titles as they work back through customer records…

Added value, at zero-cost
Apart from being able to listen to an album before the physical CD arrives from Amazon, the service allows you to re-access albums purchased in the past 15 years… OK, so some of your old stuff you might never want to play again, even if you still have the original…..but now you have the choice..

Also, for those that like the look ‘n feel of ‘real CDs, it would not be beyond the capabilities of Amazon to build in a sleeve-note library for even more added value.

Speaking of which, just suppose Amazon decide to add books to the initiative…..

To really get a grip on how fundamental a step Amazon have taken, and the impact on traditional retailers, why not pop into your local branch of HMV (still open?) and ask for a spare copy of a CD you bought back in 1998, free-of-charge….?

Alternatively, why not have a Cloud-nine weekend, from the NamNews Team!

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