Monday 21 January 2013

Casino enters Romania via Private label

                                                                                      Pic Brand Privat Romania
Using a method pioneered by Tesco, Casino, in partnership with Mega Image (part of the Belgian Delhaize) have launched a complete range of private lines, from entry level (Tous les jours) to bio products (Casino Bio). According to reports from Brand Privat, Romania, the other lines are Casino Family, Casino Delices and Casino, approximately 50 new articles at the same prices they have in France.

Longer term, the exit of Intermarche and the Auchan-Real deal, there are free spaces (8 former Intermarche supermarkets and 4 Real hypermarkets) and with Carrefour’s rumoured exit from Romania, who knows?

The fact remains that the use of private label to build brand franchise ahead of market entry, never did Tesco any harm…

Watch this space…

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