Tuesday 23 April 2013

Shop bans Google goggles: a first in UK retail?


Just days after they were delivered to the first early adopters who signed up last year to be the first to buy the ‘explorer edition’, a Brighton shop has banned access to shoppers wearing the new gadget.

Google Glass, worn like a pair of glasses, has the ability to record images and take photos, operating like a mobile phone or tablet. Arts and crafts souvenir shop Zoingimage, in Sydney Street, has posted signs on their windows banning the use of the device on their premises.

Google Glass’s ability to take photos secretly, unlike via a phone, are the real issue behind the bans. This ease with which privacy could be invaded makes it a challenge for schools, cinemas, museums,  art galleries and shops.

The key issue for NAMs is whether such bans mark a return to the ‘old’ no-photo rules on store-checks, or will shopper-pressure force retailers to allow the addition of Google Glass to the tool-kit of the super-savvy consumer, adding to pricing transparency in the aisle…

However, pro-active retailers, and their trading partners, are no doubt already seeking ways of communicating with such shoppers' eye-piece at point of purchase…

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