Friday 27 September 2013

Impulse buying: the real reasons?

With research showing that half of UK shoppers buy on impulse, for instance spending £3.6bn a year on clothes, shoes and handbags they just don’t need. In fact, the average wardrobe contains £92 worth of unworn clothes, causing the appropriate level of guilt each time the door is opened.

However, the real advantage of the research lies in the main reasons discovered for why people buy on impulse:

Top ten impulse-buy excuses:

1. ‘I’m feeling really down so I deserve a treat’

2. ‘I’ve just been paid so I deserve a treat’

3. ‘There’s only one left in my size, it’s meant to be’

4. ‘I’ve had a terrible day and this will make up for it’

5. ‘If I buy this in a smaller size it will encourage me to slim into it’

6. ‘My life will be better because of it’

7. ‘All my friends have this and I’ll look silly if I don’t’

8. ‘If I buy this it will make the other things I own better’

9. ‘Everyone’s seen me in all my things on Facebook so I have to buy something new’

10. ‘I’m too embarrassed to say no to the sales assistant’

In other words, apart from the above list providing dead-cert ideas for appropriate signage instore - in case a shopper forgets an excuse in appropriate categories - there is surely a market for wardrobes that are built to conceal rather than display the contents, with a narrow door at one end allowing a suit to be clipped onto a rail and slid quietly into the darkness, ideally vacuum-packed to maximise the available space, thereby making it years before a reality-check is required...

The key issue is that in these flat-line times it is vital to take a positive approach to research, all research...

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