Thursday 21 November 2013

Amazon Expanding Its Own Private Label Offering to Supermarket Goods?

Recent postings by Amazon give another reason for keeping an eye on job listings…

Allthings D report that one of the listings, for a financial analyst, mentioned the “launch of the Private Label Business in Consumables.” In another, for a “Senior Product Manager, Consumables Private Label,” Amazon said it is looking for the new hire to help “launch new high quality Amazon-branded products to our global customers.”

The consumables business at Amazon includes categories such as grocery, health, personal care and baby products. The AmazonFresh grocery delivery business also is part of the area.

Although Amazon private label has had a low profile to date, we believe that the ongoing recession is causing the company to mirror the growth of private label in classic retail.

Given the level of Amazon credibility, combined with its service record and responsiveness to consumer demand, the idea seems a ‘no-brainer’.

Either way, surely worth a what-if by branded and private label suppliers alike?

Hat-tip to Lisa Byfield-Green for pointing us at this news item

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