Tuesday 12 November 2013

Who’s minding the shopper?

The old deathbed story raises an interesting dilemma in retailing today:
An elderly shopkeeper on his deathbed asks for his wife and then for each of his six children. When the last one replies “I’m here” the old guy demands: “then who’s minding the shop?”

In other words, if the key retail stakeholders are all pre-occupied with survival and continuity of the business, then who’s minding the shopper?

Most of us accept the fact that, given the extent of their loyalty-data insight, compared with that of the supplier, and if knowledge defines ownership, the major retailers now ‘own’ the shopper. Despite the fact that a retailer’s knowledge is mainly derived from analysis of shopping behaviour, their increasing share of consumption via own label growth also means that they have potential access to the shopper’s consumers, and their consumption behaviour.

They are thus capable of leveraging shopper insight in also taking ownership of the consumer…

Unfortunately, ownership does not guarantee action in the best interests of the shopping consumer…
This means that brand owners need to enter the aisle and ‘hand-hold’ the shopper in an attempt to complete the intended purchase in favour of brand-consumer and supplier…

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