Monday 6 January 2014

The Empty Shop – A retail innovation in Manchester launching January 23rd

As we head into a year where growth will come at the expense of the competition and especially via innovation, then being open to new ‘reversal’ ideas could be one way of kick-starting our creative juice production after the long break…

For example, based on a success in Sao Paulo that raised 3.2 tonnes of unwanted clothing, instead of customers buying clothes, The Empty Shop will encourage shoppers to become givers by offering clothes to the shop instead of taking them away.

In return, the shop is set to make a real event out of giving back by getting local fashion stylists and bloggers to turn second hand clothes into key looks for the season, all on display in what is set to be a rather upmarket space in Manchester Arndale's central square, just near Next. The space will then be emptied each evening with clothes going to a local homeless charity leaving The Empty shop ready to receive new donations again the following day.

As with all creativity, premature criticism can obviously stifle any idea, and hopefully, the above innovation in charitable giving will have a positive outcome.

However, from a NAM’s point of view, the reverse-thinking process may help by taking your 2014 objectives, considering the reverse for a moment, and see where it leads?

For instance:
- Reducing sales instead of going for growth
- Reducing instore space instead of…
- Reducing share, range, distribution, footprint in order to focus via concentration...
- Increasing cost via more creative investment

Scope for a little creativity before the 2014 fires flare up and become too distracting?

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