Friday 21 March 2014

DIY Cashback: Thieves dig tunnel to steal from Tesco ATM

Last Friday at Tesco Salford, a gang of some ten thieves who had spent two months digging a 50 ft (15m) tunnel to get into an ATM, got away with £80,000. The raiders tunnelled under nearby wasteland and into the shop. They then escaped back through the tunnel.

As always, running the numbers lends perspective and insight...

Apart from being just 25% of what high end footballers earn in a week, working on the basis of an £8,000 haul each (excluding expenses), one realises that, apart from the fact that austerity is now impacting both sides of the fence, the risk-reward ratio in dealing with the grocery trade is obviously becoming less satisfactory.....

Hat-tip to John Ward

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