Friday 27 June 2014

Shopping for exercise – how to burn up to 800 calories per trip…

A new article in Femail First and describes 10 instore exercises with appropriate calorie counts, that will either revolutionise assumptions about shopping behaviour, or get you certified…

These include:
- Squats instead of bending to access the bottom shelf
- Trolley-lunging to express aisle-rage at giggling onlookers
- Arm-curls with tins to escalate the potential engagement
- Leg raises to demonstrate ‘if only’ world cup moves, or more aisle-rage
- Side-lunges into the chiller-cabinet to cool down and avoid retaliatory moves

In fact, the entire repertoire of gym-moves within the price of an enhanced weekly shop…

Alternatively, why not let your fingers do the walking, online…? 

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