Sunday 30 November 2014

Tesco's poetic response to a rhyming complaint

According to an article in Metro, Isabelle Bousquette, 20, and Tomi Baikie, 18, students at St Andrews university, wrote to Tesco after discovering their Tesco store in Fife no longer stocked salted Popcorn Sensations. They used the 'only language' they knew - a Shakespearean sonnet.

They were astonished to receive a Shakespearean sonnet in reply.

                                                                                                           pic: Facebook

Key learnings for NAMs:
  • If Tesco still have a sense of humour after this Annus Horribilis, they are on the way back...
  • They may be expecting NAMs to rise to new heights of creative endeavour in their 2015 trade strategies
  • For our part, as an aide memoire for NAMs, we are looking into adding some rhyming couplets to our treatment of trade finance...
  • (Don't hold your breath, writing poetry ain't for sissies....)  

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