Tuesday 11 November 2014

The ultimate in H&B convenience, or another pharmacist missing an open goal…?

                                                                                                               pic: Streetoutpost.com

Think about the effort required to punch through an apathy-inducing media-flood, successfully engage with a consumer suffering from a minor ailment, unwilling to ‘trouble the doctor’, but still wanting medical advice, prepared to make a journey to a pharmacy, with little or no instore guidance on where to ask, suffer the potential embarrassment of describing symptoms to a ‘stranger’, and willing to accept advice that, in the circumstances, over-rides the normal price obstacle, and if successful, is more than likely to tell a friend….

In these unprecedented times, a consumer self-presenting in this manner at point-of-purchase and being ignored, eventually has to represent an opportunity for multiple retailers...

The resulting move from opportunity to threat is a real pity, especially when independent pharmacists have had at least thirty years to get it right… 

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