Tuesday 17 February 2015

YouTube 10th Anniversary: How the Video Streaming Site Changed your Audience Gateways..., hopefully?

On St Valentine's Day, 10 years ago, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, three former employees of PayPal, registered a new company devised around a simple idea: that there should be one website where people can upload and watch videos.

In an era of increasing media fragmentation, amidst falling TV viewing figures, well-targeted YouTube content provides an unprecedented means of engagement for marketers everywhere.

According to The Atlantic, YouTube is now the third most viewed website in the world, boasting over one million viewers who watch more than six billion hours of footage each month. Each minute, users upload 300 hours of video to YouTube's servers.

Whilst amateurs strike lucky with worrying frequency, it can be a relief to NAMs to realise that 29 of the site's 30 most watched clips are professionally produced music videos.

In other words, the access process is easy, but getting attention requires skillful, creative targeting and professional execution...leading the consumer to NAM-engineered fulfillment at point-of-sale...

Getting it wrong upfront will not matter, in that your YouTube output, if it even floats, will quickly sink without trace. The real pain results from seeing a competitor that has managed to strip their offering down to the bare essentials, and succeeded in touching a consumer-nerve more effectively than available alternatives, race off the shelves....

In an ocean of distracting content, in unprecedented times, the consumer wants simplicity, clarity and a way of buying optimally, with all excess removed...

What else do you think is happening at Tesco?

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