Tuesday 15 September 2015

Retailer P&Ls: why 'contexting' helps....

Given normal pressures in the NAM day-job, one of the problems with firefighting is its tendency to prevent us stepping back to think... and place our data in context...

Take Morrisons latest annual results, and focus on the Net profit margin, before tax 

NAM's internal monologue:
Morrisons 2014 NPBT = (4.7%)...."almost a 5% loss.. "
"Panic, send for another an extra fire-engine!"

"Hang on, how about the other mults?"
Sector context:
Mults Sector 2014/5:
Tesco             (10.2%)  "Probably write-downs, but Trading Profit showing 1.1%, still a problem.."
Asda               3.9%  "Asda is probably a blip, forget"
Sainsbury's     (0.3%)
"That's a relief, everybody's down..." 

"But wait, how about other players in the UK?"
UK context:
Co-op               1.7%  "Better than 'non-profit' I guess..."
Waitrose          5.4%
Aldi                  4.9%
"Oops, this could be a mults' problem! Asda still a niggle...but the 'squeezed middle & and fundamental structural change' now making some sense..."

"Time for a continental view?"
EU context:
Carrefour          2.6%
Metro               1.1%

"All EU players low, but were never great anyway, time for a global look?"
Global context:
Walmart           5.1%

"Wow! Walmart are demonstrating that even in unprecedented, post-global financial crisis times, it is still possible to make net profit margins of 5%!"

"I now understand why the stock market is piling the pressure on the UK mults' share prices..."

"(I can also see that Asda's results, although better than other UK mults are still diluting Walmart's performance...)"

"Now, how can I help Morrisons?"

In other words, placing your customer's results in as big a context as possible, does not add further distraction, but can provide actionable insight, even in fire-fighting conditions....
NamNews - for big context...

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