Friday 9 October 2015

IGD Big Debating points to ponder over the weekend?

  • Convenient vs. Convenience store the way forward
  • Big Space Redundancy: ‘Buy too much, Takes too long’
  • Click & Collect, with value add-on services, makes a difference?
  • Realistic reality-checking does not mean pessimism…
  • Customer-centricity needs to accommodate customer diversity
  • Can we tolerate individual loss-making channels within a holistically profitable model?
  • (Two hours before the first slide… Powerpoint beware..?)
  • Loss of consumer trust – retrievable or simply a feature of savvy consumerism…?
  • Back to basics, but in a modern way?
  • ‘Chinese consumers save 50% of their income…..’
  • Retailers & Suppliers: ‘Consumers won’t notice’ – serious?
  • Retailer price-matching can seem like ‘cartel behaviour’ to consumers…
  • Forget politicians, ask man in street for the real level of inflation…
  • ‘You never hear a child cry in Poundland’ – a pound request is an easy win for parents
  • ‘We sell products for a £1, not £1 products’
  • ‘Consumers are the smartest on the planet, give them right offerings in superstores and they will come’
  • ‘Sorry…..’

A chronological view from the back row of the IGD BIG DEBATE 2015…

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