Tuesday 1 March 2016

Queueless, Cashierless Convenience, 24/7 - a Swedish Smartshop

According to Associated Press reports in Gizmodo, a 480 sq. ft. store that operates via smartphone has opened in Viken, Sweden.

A door-opening app-scan registers and allows access to creditworthy customers 24/7, goods are purchased by scanning the barcode, and the bill is paid monthly.

Behold the convenient convenience outlet of the future… 

BTW, six security cameras and a ‘crow-bar wielding’ human owner ensure the shrink-proofing of a business model that aims to bring small shops back to many communities in Sweden that have been swallowed up by supermarkets and big chain stores.

As the son of Mom ‘n Pop grocers, I would caution against the 1-month credit facility, but otherwise this Smartshop looks scaleable, exportable, and is possibly a way of diluting the minimum living wage issue for major retailers?

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