Saturday 30 July 2016

Amazon Dash = 'never forgetting' + 1-click 100% Availability = entry-level online...

Amazon Have Introduced Dash Device For Customers Of New Grocery Delivery Service

Following on from the launch its AmazonFresh grocery delivery service in London last month, Amazon has announced the introduction of its innovative Dash device, which it launched in the US last year.

The six-inch long device allows customers to scan a product barcode or say the name of a product to add items automatically to their Amazon online shopping basket. These items are then ready for purchase the next time the customer visits the website or mobile app. Dash will be available for AmazonFresh customers, initially at no additional charge with their second AmazonFresh order, from now until 28 August 2016.

Amazon Dash
The company claims the device makes online shopping significantly quicker and easier for customers by allowing them to build their shopping list without having to browse its website. The device also learns as it is used, recognising millions of products including groceries, household, health and beauty products, enabling customers to keep track of their weekly grocery order.

“We’re all used to trying to remember the contents of the fridge and kitchen cupboard and scribbling down reminders on pieces of paper,” said Ajay Kavan, Vice President of AmazonFresh. “With Dash, at any given time, customers can keep track of products when they come to mind and scan to reorder groceries and household essentials as soon as they run out. At Amazon, we’re always looking to innovate based on feedback and Dash has been designed to continually learn as customers use it.”

AmazonFresh is now available in 128 London postcodes, allowing members of its Prime scheme to order a full weekly grocery shop from a range of over 130,000 products, which include major brands, Morrisons’ own label lines and offerings from local food producers.

NAM Implications: 
  • Combine ‘never forgetting’, 1-click ordering and ‘100% availability’ for an appreciation of what this move represents for Amazon…
  • …and other retailers…
  • Are you absolutely certain that you/your company, are optimising Amazon’s full potential?

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