Tuesday 19 July 2016

'Farm' packaging - an opportunity to sell more British meat?

Given the ‘dawning realisation’ that non-UK i.e. Brazilian and Thai meat, is being sold in Britain without its country of origin being declared, two options are available:

 - Reactive: Government insistence that country of origin be declared on all meat products…
 - Proactive: UK branded meat products to emphasise local origin

Given that this situation has been known to the meat industry for years without appropriate government action, perhaps Option 2 has more appeal?

In other words, there appears to be a real opportunity for local producers – and pro-active retailers – to brand meat heavily and emphasise local sourcing, and by inference suggest that competitor products not thus labelled contain Brazilian and Thai-based meat…

In the current climate, this approach should resonate with at least 52% of the UK population – after all, if Brexit was not about nationalism…? 

NB. According to packaging regulations, the country of origin is the last place where a product is processed.... 

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