Wednesday 22 February 2017

The extra little help Tesco Ireland does not need during a strike.....

Students and Scargill show support.

A St Pat's lecturer brought her students to Tesco yesterday to teach them about the strike. According to The Journal, the DCU Lecturer from St Patrick’s Campus in Drumcondra, Dublin brought her students to the local Tesco so that workers could inform them about the nature of the strike action.

This comes as the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) reaffirmed its support for the industrial action after workers at Tesco Drumcondra stated that local students had been crossing the picket line and entering the store.

In addition, The Irish Times reports that the terms of employee contracts at Tesco have come under criticism from former British trade union leader Arthur Scargill, who joined workers on the picket line at two of the 23 striking stores on Saturday.

Given that the workers affected by the old contract appear to represent approximately 2% of the Tesco workforce in Ireland, perhaps a defensible way of buying out the old contracts may be the only pragmatic option?

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