Tuesday 22 October 2019

Tesco Trade investment: How to demonstrate your value to the buyer

Buyer: "Surely Tesco are worth more than a £10k investment, especially for a company your size?"

NAM: "Given your business model and latest net margin (2019 Tesco Annual Report) of 2.7%, our ‘mere’ £10k is equivalent to incremental sales of £370k for Tesco…."

As you know, apart from cutting costs, the only way a retailer can generate net profit is via incremental sales.

In practice, for a retail business on a net margin of 2.7% before tax, a net margin of £10k = 2.7% of sales.

So, £10k/2.7 x 100 = £370k, the incremental sales required to generate net profits of £10k.

Now, which would you prefer, my little £10k trade investment or having to generate extra sales of £370k in your category….?”

[Note for NAMs: If your company generates net profits of say 4.5%, the £10k trade investment in Tesco is equivalent to incremental sales of £222k. In other words, you need potential incremental sales of £222k to even begin the conversation…]

Source: NamCalc, a 34 calculation financial tool-kit for NAMs

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