Friday 22 October 2021

Iceland Giving Away Free Food

Iceland Foods has rolled out a new scheme called ‘Free on Last Day of Life’ as part of its efforts to reduce food waste. The initiative will see online shoppers offered free products when the last day of shelf life has been reached and no other stock is available.

Traditionally, food items delivered by Iceland has a minimum shelf life of at least two days. However, products close to expiry will now be given away to prevent them being wasted.

NamNews Implications:
  • ‘…we to have find an innovative way to combat (food waste)…’ - says it all, for most retailers.
  • But what makes Iceland different is the imaginative way they package the idea…
  • Their ‘Free on Last Day of Life scheme’ not only helps reduce food waste but also supports our customers.
  • (in a way that also grabs headlines….)
  • Watch this space…

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