Tuesday 7 December 2021

Consumers Buying More Premium Own-Label Ranges Despite Rising Prices; Tesco And Discounters Gain Share

All the major grocery retailers in the UK saw their sales fall over the 12 weeks to 28 November against tough comparatives with last year when Covid restrictions were reintroduced. The data from Kantar also suggests that rising food prices aren’t impacting people’s desire to treat themselves over the festive period.

Take home grocery sales fell by 3.8% during the period as consumers ate out more compared with 2020. However, sales remain strong compared with the market before the pandemic, and grocery spend was 7.0% higher in the latest 12 weeks than in 2019.

NamNews Implications:
  • Key issue is growth of premium private label at the expense of equivalent national brands.
  • The fact that the quality of premium private label can be equal or even better than national brands at the same price…
  • …means better value for money…
  • …and probably a permanent shift in allegiance.
  • A backdrop of the remorseless growth of online and the discounters…
  • …where higher pipeline inflation has not really kicked in yet.
  • Means seatbelt tightening a default option for 2022…
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