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Friday 8 March 2019

Booker And Tesco Ramping Up Benefits Of Merger

Speaking at an event this week, hosted by trade magazine The Grocer, Booker’s Chief Executive Charles Wilson revealed that significant benefits would be rolled out in three phases during 2019.

Phase one began last month with retail and catering customers being offered lower prices and better margins. The second phase is due to launch in the spring and will involve improving the quality of produce by switching to Tesco suppliers and specifications. A last phase in autumn will see the roll out of various Tesco services. [more for NamNews readers]
  • All depends on how these offers and terms compare to those available from other wholesalers…
  • …and if greater, inevitable switching of allegiance will follow.
  • Meanwhile, NAMs need to reassess their wholesale customer classification in terms of Invest, Maintain or Divest…
  • Watch this space.

Monday 30 October 2017

CMA Set To Reveal Provisional Decision On Tesco’s Proposed Takeover Of Booker

The regulator began its in-depth probe into the deal back in July, with it collecting views from across the wholesale and convenience sectors into what impact the tie-up will have on Booker’s competitors and independent shopkeepers. (More)
  • The issue remains that if a deal goes ahead, a key wholesaler will have the advantage of buying on Tesco terms...
  • ...and closing Tesco branches will not affect that competitive edge…
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