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Wednesday 12 August 2015

Grocers as Media Outlets for CPGs Suppliers?

In culling times when retailers don’t need more categories, retailers are in danger of missing a unique opportunity to add media-access to their instore range.

Simply by putting their existing customer analytics and communications assets to work more effectively – and then marketing these assets to their suppliers – grocers have the ability to generate significant revenue for their business, while also helping to support their customers through each stage of their purchasing journey. See more at The Progressive Grocer.

Given their extensive range of communications channels, combined with physical access to the consumer in the shopper-marketing aisle, grocers are in a unique position to hand-hold the shopper throughout the entire purchasing process, and beyond...

However, David Buckingham in the Progressive Grocer makes the point that the opportunity will remain dormant unless retailers optimise their unique advantages over other media by tying suppliers’ marketing initiatives back to each stage of the shopper’s purchasing decision via the retailer’s customer analytics tools.

This will provide a means of directly measuring return on marketing investment, hopefully over-riding the distractions of back-to-front margin moves… 

By treating this ‘access and fulfilment bundle’ as an individual category and offering it as such to suppliers, the retailer can stimulate the collaboration necessary to raise its potential profile in both organisations.

It then simply takes communications-imagination on the part of supplier to add this new ‘category’ – a retailer’s unique channel, role and revenue stream - to their brand portfolio, and think accordingly…