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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Drone-fleet in your street?

pic: Amazon

Amazon Prime Air getting serious....

According to reports today in The Verge, Amazon is partnering with the British government to expand its testing of delivery drones, paving the way for commercial air deliveries for UK residents.

The expanded testing involves Amazon working with the UK Civil Aviation Authority to focus on operating drones outside of the line of site of pilots, improving sensors for obstacle detection and avoidance, and having one pilot operate a team of multiple, semi-autonomous drones in unison.

This ground-breaking work will help Amazon and the Government understand how drones can be used safely and reliably in the logistics industry. It will also help identify what operating rules and safety regulations will be needed to help move the drone industry forward.

In other words, Amazon have a vision of replicating their traditional delivery system, via drone-fleet in the air...

As you know, home delivery works in terms of covering costs via high density geographical coverage - you realise they are No.1 when Amazon-man delivers your parcel along with one for next-door i.e. why not ask about the other package, next time...

Time to seriously elevate your partnership with Amazon, rather than following the competitive fleet?

See live footage Video

More detail here

Friday, 14 November 2014

When an unexpected listing may benefit from a Drone defibrillator...

                                                                                                                              pic: EPA

Whilst many NAMs may be focused on Amazon’s latest trial of same-day drone drop-offs in Cambridge, a more useful application might be where speed of reaction can mean a difference between life and a death. Alec Momont at The Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology has unveiled an ambulance drone that can fly up to 100 km/hr to deliver a defibrillator to a patient in mere minutes…

The ambulance drone is a hexacopter painted in yellow. It can be dispatched to a location within 12 sq. km in about a minute. Upon landing, anyone able to help the victim will be talked through using the attached defibrillator by an operator. The drone has an on-board camera which allows the operator to talk to the victim and provide instructions to whomever is on the ground – essentially serving as a remote paramedic...

Given the $19k price-tag, and the stretched budgets of the emergency services, perhaps there is scope for some collaborative efforts by suppliers living within 12 sq. km of Cheshunt?

See a video that shows what the ambulance drone does - and how the project came to fruition - here

Hat-tip to Francisco and Rui for the pointer