Thursday 19 March 2009

Recession-beating retailers: preppy, edgy or just cheap

Superdry is a fast-growing (+31%) British retailer (More) in recession with booming sales, no debt and a store opening programme in the UK and abroad. It has never advertised, never held a sale and has celebrities like David Beckham modelling its clothes not because they are getting paid to do so, but because they seem to like them.
Superdry is just one of the relatively upmarket retail brands (like Jack Wills, Reiss, All saints and Joules) aimed at teenagers and twentysomethings who are unhampered by the financial challenges currently facing their parents.
In other words, revisiting your consumer need-set, and your ability to meet it better than the competition, has to be a way to join the recession-busters..
And cut out anything surplus to consumer need, before the market does it on your behalf...

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