Thursday 9 April 2009

Five success stories for recessionary times

Given the correct positioning and offer, it is possible for companies to prosper in recession.
In a move away from the doom and gloom the FT describes five private companies that are surviving and thriving in the downturn.

Skincare company Simple are outperforming the category with 11% growth vs. 1% (FT open-domain, folks)
With Poundland offering inexpensive self-indulgence (after all it is recession-time!) with 4% like-for-like, Timpson (keys and shoe repairs)making do with re-soles, Brompton folding bicycles to save on fares, and finally, E Bowman Stately Home repairs (keeping what you have, in good nick, especially the bankers* maintaining asset book values)

* NB See blog below for why retail rental prices will not be reducing to maintain occupancy, on any account!

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