Thursday 2 April 2009

Tesco-Aldi 'head-to-head' in Ireland as a learning for UK?

In 10 years Aldi & Lidl have captured 7% of the Irish market. This coupled with the massive downturn in the Irish economy has resulted in Aldi moving into TV advertising, and Tesco advertising itself as "Ireland's Biggest Discounter", reducing prices on own-label and premium brands, and a sustained campaign building Tesco as a brand for lower prices.
According to Tesco Ireland, “People are spending less and looking for bargains. Our job as retailers is to be sellers. We have to sell our offers to the customer. Price has never been as important as it is now. The once-a-week shop has come back into fashion. Customers are now shopping around for value like they never did in the last 10 years.”
Are you ready for the possibility/probability of the similar changes in the UK market as the year 'progresses'?

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