Friday 21 August 2009


News that a Tesco cash dispenser had suddenly begun to issue double the money requested, was widely regarded as a one-off accident….

However, suppose that this was part of a much bigger Tesco banking agenda, a trial of a new idea in grocery-banking - BOGOF cash dispensing to announce Tesco's upping of the ante in the banking category?

'Obviously' an exaggeration (?), but having taken the creative leap via a 'daft' first step, how about Tesco programming their ATM network to randomly dispense a cash-bogof to lucky ATM customers around the country in order to drive traffic to their machines, and promote their 'no-brainer' escalation of their banking activities (think 25% share, fast, with government encouragement, Darling; banks still not aware of the scale of their recent 'own goals', and a public determined to 'get even' )

Sure, the banks could copy the BOGOF-promo idea, (or complain to their MPs about abuse of public trust !) but with nothing like the same impact, since we don't trust 'regular' banks anymore, do we?

Have a Tesco-weekend, from the Namnews Team!

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