Monday 2 November 2009

BOGOF losers?

A BOGOF sold for £10, with a supplier Gross Margin of 50% and Net Margin of 10%, refunding the retailer's margin, can lose the supplier £5.50 per BOGOF !
See example above, where the supplier has agreed to replace the retailer’s margin on the free item in a BOGOF.
Here it can be seen that the retailer continues to make his normal margin (say 25% Gross, 5% Net) on the free item.
However, because the supplier has to refund the retail margin, it can be seen that the supplier loses £2.75 on every item, or £5.50 on every BOGOF sold on promotion.
Sure, the promotion will create excitement in store, but will not only damage brand equity, it will also lose money…

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