Thursday 18 March 2010

The Folding 3-pin Plug, a Lateral Solution for an 'impossible' Problem?

In 1946, it was decided to standardise the UK three-pin plug for all sockets and appliances. However, it has proved a bulky inconvenience in the modern world.
Min-Kyu Choi, 29, a design student from Bayswater, West London, determined to end the 64-year reign of the unwieldy three-pin electrical plug and has won the Brit Insurance design of the year award, by realising that the barrier was the plug, not the socket.
Despite TVs going flat, videos being junked for the slimline DVD and record players being replaced by MP3 devices, the plug remained virtually unchanged for more than half a century.
A lesson for us all in refusing to accept the status quo…

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