Monday 31 May 2010

Raising the Vending Game?

Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi, a cash machine dispenses gold (Pic: Mosab Omar/Reuters)

According to the New York Times, vending machines in Tokyo have electronic eyes that evaluate customers’ skin and wrinkles to determine age, for access to age-sensitive categories. In bathrooms at upscale Canadian bars, vending machines with flat irons enable women to defrizz their locks. In Abu Dhabi, the lobby of a luxury hotel has a vending machine that dispenses gold bars and coins at more than $1,000 an ounce.
Changing consumer preferences about shopping and the high cost of operating brick-and-mortar stores are inspiring premium brands to rethink how they sell their wares.

With vending machines costing less than an employee, a company called U*tique will begin selling high-end beauty products in machines that light up when customers approach — a better reception than shoppers see from most retail employees….

Moreover, merchandise in U*tique machines will be arranged and lighted like works of modern art in a series of dainty portals, evoking a neon honeycomb (see above)

For those of us wanting the numbers, a Zoom vending machine in Duty free retail can outsell average airport sales per sq.ft. by 10 to 1…

A pointer or a pain for classic vended categories?

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