Friday 28 May 2010

Next Asda backhaul?

Following yesterday's Netto snap at £778m, how about Asda adding Home Retail Group to their new market-share basket?
- Netto adds £0.8bn sales to Asda
- Home Retail would add £5.9bn sales (of which Argos = £4.3bn, a nice addition to the Asda catalogue)
- At a market capitalisation of £2bn, Home Retail would be a snip
- This would bring Asda sales from £18.6bn to £25.5bn vs. Tesco UK sales £42bn
- Presuming Tesco is now sitting on its hands...
- Resourcewise, Walmart market capitalisation = £130bn = 4x Tesco £33bn mkt cap.

Meanwhile, economywise, Homebase matching green livery means minimal expenditure on outlet paint-conversion...

Have a restful long weekend, from the Namnews Team!

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