Wednesday 30 June 2010

Tesco makes start towards house sales @ £9,999?

News in the Daily Mail that the mass retailer is now selling garden sheds should not be a surprise to Tesco-watchers

Given the fact that even before this 'shopkeeper' began to offer mortgages, the banks' massive own goal precipitated the global financial crisis and offered grocers the banking category on a plate, it should be obvious that Tesco is in the business of eventually selling anything that can be legally sold to shoppers…

'Flat-pack' garden shed sales are merely a starter in a designer-developer-builder-seller housing continuum where traditional suppliers of a category have allowed inefficiencies and over-pricing to offer total non-experts to enter and compete on value for money. This has to be a warning to anyone, supplier or retailer, that no category is safe from exposure to common sense challenge by savvy consumers, or their champions…

And why not?

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