Wednesday 21 July 2010

Hotel foot-shooting for the unwary....

Most of us in this business have a reflex-suspicion of hotel charging procedures born out of first-hand experience. However, few of us realise that hotels are simply trying to provide stimuli for new substitute technologies such as
- Excess rates for phoning from bedrooms drove the early stages of mobile phones
- Ditto for bedroom broadband and the growth of dongle sales
The latest faux pas is a £14/day/laptop for BB/wifi workshop delegates in a conference room!
An opportunity for a provider to bundle a sensible package-rate?
Or for hotels to saturate the building with free access, and thereby fill the public areas with coffee drinking, snacking NAMs and other 'word-of-mouth' compulsive networkers, at a cost to the hotel of less than £100 per month?

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