Thursday 18 August 2011

First UK click ‘n collect drive-tru

Tesco are launching Britain’s first drive-thru store at the Tesco Extra store in Baldock, Hertfordshire, tomorrow as a pilot.
The service is aimed at customers who do not want to carry out their weekly shop themselves, but who also do not have time to wait at home for an internet delivery.
Instead they will be able to drive to a dedicated area in a Tesco store at a set time and pick up their shopping without having to leave their car.
The service will be run by the Tesco dotcom team, with customers ordering their groceries online as if they were doing an internet shop, only they will then choose the Click and Collect option.
This will enable them to book a two-hour collection slot and they can pick up their shopping any time within this window.
They will then go to a reserved area in the car park, show a member of staff their shopping reference details and have their goods loaded into their car boot.
The charge for the service is £2, compared with a sliding scale of charges for internet deliveries which starts at £3.
Namtip: Scope to combine with a simultaneous petrol top-up by also offering the pick-up facility at Tesco forecourts?

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