Friday 19 August 2011

The ultimate Gen Y office-pod

If you look at the NAM’s workspace of 10 years ago, you will find a cabinet with lots of files, a big desk with mounds of paper on it, bookshelves with reading material, and a lot of general clutter.
Today, all of this is replaced with just one tool: a laptop.
To optimise NAM output, Kogan Technologies have created new work pods which they believe will be the future of office spaces around the world. The chairs are unbelievably comfortable, and they have built-in heating, massage, speakers, and even SD and USB slots to play music.
In fact they look so comfortable it might be worth experimenting with the possible addition of a steering mechanism and four road-wheels for ultimate productivity…

Have a 24/7 ‘working weekend’ from the Namnews Team!

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