Friday 25 November 2011

Supermarket thieves caught when getaway car runs out of fuel

A couple of ‘unsavvy’  shoppers stole £400 of alcohol from an Asda in Manchester, but then had to push their empty Citroen to the supermarket's petrol station, in full view of the CCTV.
Ignoring the logistics difficulties, this appears to be evidence of a significant raising of the shrinkage game, a reflection of the growing financial pressures on consumers..?
As always, Aldi have anticipated this market trend by their introduction of a £300 bottle of whisky, planned for early December, thereby helping thieves to meet their shrinkage targets, without a need to rely upon personal getaway facilities.
However, pricing the bottle at £49 may cause otherwise honest shoppers to regard it as a ‘steal’ anyway….
In which case, have a successful getaway weekend, from the Namnews Team!

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